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(It’s like paparazzi  but for grammar. Some people say “grammar nazi” but… let’s admit it “nazi” is an overused term and not one I’d ever apply to myself and blah blah blah.)

Email from coworker:

“If you need to reserve a room, contact myself, Suzie W, Anne B, or Paula O.”

My first response: “When will she learn that ‘myself’ is a reflexive pronoun. It should be ‘If you need to reserve a room, contact Suzie W or me.'”

Second response: “You should only use myself if you were saying something like ‘I reserved a room by myself.'”

Third response: “I need to stop caring about this shit.”


The Death of Language

That’s right! Language is dead! You people murdered it! Now go hang your heads in shame. That’s right, in SHAAAAAAAME.

I am overusing adjectives lately. The past few days, I’ve used the word “certainly” far too many times. How am I all of a sudden so certain about things? Look back a couple weeks in here and you can see that I was anything but certain. Now I’m sure of everything? What gives, Mister Magoo?