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– Changed cabin air filters in car (saved $50 doing it myself!)
– Removed a bunch of wood paneling and boards that previously made up some walls in the basement.
– Replaced tub faucet
– Took down wall shelves in bedroom
– Hung/wired light fixture

– Cut/removed a bunch of nails protruding from bottom of floor boards in basement ceiling.

Grade: A. Couldn’t be more excited about spending the day on my feet and not on couch playing video games.


– Cut holes for and installed deadbolt lock for workshop in garage whilst listening to loud, drunk shouting of 4 20 somethings who were celebrating the northwest side Irish parade (which is about a block away from new house) a bit too loudly and vulgarly.
– Removed final bits of paneling and boards from weird basement walls. Began to worry that one of the beams might possibly be supporting the floor above. Put beam and header back in.
– Broke window by moving stepladder while it was open from one room to the other. Panicked. Ran to home depot for plywood and wood screws. Cut plywood too small. Dropped first wood screw down heat register. Misplaced screwdriver bit for 5 minutes. Realized there’s a GODDAMN STORM WINDOW IN ALREADY. Put up plywood anyway because fuck it.

Grade: C-. Went home to play video games. Hurriedly put my name and phone number in a on-hindsight-obviously-fake window replacement cost estimate website resulting in my phone rigning off the goddamn hook all day. Started dinner — cauliflower crust pizza which I broke and left in the oven too long.