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Word count: 43,020

Once again, praise be to Erica for today’s title, and the line.

About a thousand words today, mostly due to Morseland interfering, and also to seeing Muppets (manamana!)

Come to think of it, last year during NaNoWriMo there was that time that the alarm siren at Morseland just kept blaring on and on at 4AM and I had to go over there and cut the damn thing. Today was computers. And printers. And etc.

Sorry. I don’t mean to prattle on.  Over 43K. <7K left. That’s exciting.

“Son, maybe you haven’t been around much lately but  I can tell you ain’t stupid, so I hope you won’t get offended if I give you a piece of unsolicited advice.”

“Not at all,” I said.

“You gotta always be on your guard these days. I ain’t sure how you lived before Westphail fever swept the nation, but you can’t be livin’ any other way but this. You traipse about like you’re still in the good ol’ days, you won’t last long. Just strollin’ along, mindin’ your own business and then bam! –” he shouted this; I didn’t flinch “– zombie got yer kitten.”

“‘Zombie got yer kitten?’” I asked.

“Yep,” he said, as if no further explanation was needed, and I suppose one wasn’t. “Zombie got yer kitten.”